Vivante Corporation offers a comprehensive set of GPU IP solutions for cutting-edge applications in the mobile, consumer, automotive, embedded, real time/mission critical, and home entertainment markets. Our product portfolio includes mass market, performance leading technologies in 3D, GPGPU, 2D/CPC and vector graphics. Vivante cores offer robust support in a unified driver architecture for industry-standard application programming interfaces like OpenGL® ES 3.0/2.0/1.1, desktop OpenGL®, OpenCL®, OpenVG®, Microsoft® DirectX® 11, DirectFB, BLTsville™, X Window System, Android HW Composer, Google Renderscript™ and more.


Since the company started licensing IP in 2007, it has successfully expanded its ecosystem and product footprint into 5 of the top 10 application processor suppliers, and now its IP components are found in top OEM and ODM products, as well as some of the leading TVs, tablets, smartphones, printers, game consoles, and automobiles. The fast evolution of handheld and consumer entertainment products has driven Vivante’s exponential growth as a trusted industry GPU IP supplier. Vivante has rapidly transformed itself into a leading global provider through technology innovation, engineering excellence, and customer-focused dedication.


With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and R&D and business centers in Santa Clara as well as Shanghai and Chengdu, China, privately-held Vivante enjoys successful partnerships with companies around the globe. Our tightly integrated culture, combining highly experienced R&D, support and business development teams, help create a corporate atmosphere of collaboration that fosters innovation. Sharing mutual success with our partners reinforces our ability to design innovative products that exceed the expectation of the consumer.