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Khronos Announces VR Standards Initiative 09 December 2016
Khronos Launches Dual Neural Network Standard Initiatives 04 October 2016
VeriSilicon Supports the Connected Car by Joining Automotive Grade Linux 10 May 2016
Vivante to Highlight Cutting-Edge GraphiVisor™ Virtualization Technology at Virtualize Conference 26 October 2015
VeriSilicon to Acquire Vivante Corporation in All-Stock Transaction 12 October 2015
Vivante Vision Image Processor to Power Mass Market Surveillance Camera and Automotive Applications 07 October 2015
Vivante Announces Expansion of Automotive Market Embedded GPU Leadership 06 October 2015
Industry Momentum Building for OpenVX Computer Vision Acceleration API 05 June 2015
Vivante Introduces Industry's First Vision IP with OpenVX and OpenCL 01 June 2015
Vivante Announces Support for Vulkan GPU Rendering and Compute Standards 03 March 2015
Khronos Finalizes and Releases OpenVX 1.0 Specification 
for Computer Vision Acceleration 20 October 2014
Embedded Computing: Understand the mobile graphics processing unit 16 September 2014
Vivante GC3000 Powers Marvell ARMADA Pro 4K TV SoC 10 September 2014
Khronos Group Announces Key Advances in OpenGL Ecosystem 11 August 2014
GC Nano User Interface (UI) Acceleration White Paper 08 August 2014
Google Chromecast Turns 1, Hits 400 Million 'Casts' Milestone 25 July 2014
Vivante Intros World’s First Complete Line of GPUs for Wearables and IoT Starting at 0.3 mm2 (28nm) 02 June 2014
Vivante Breaks Into Top 10 Semiconductor IP Supplier Rankings 29 April 2014
Chromecast highlights strong quarter for Google 17 April 2014
Freescale FTF Americas 2014 - Vivante GPU Highlights 17 April 2014
Vivante GC7000 GPUs Deliver Desktop-Class Graphics to Mobile Devices 03 April 2014
RDA Microelectronics Launches WCDMA Baseband for Low-Cost Smartphones 27 March 2014
Khronos Releases OpenGL ES 3.1 Specification 17 March 2014
D&R: Android Secure GPU Content Protection 06 February 2014
Vivante GC7000 GPU IP Core with Geometry and Tessellation Shaders Brings 4K Ultra HD Gaming to Any Screen 07 January 2014
D&R: Vivante GPU Geometry and Tessellation Shader Overview 05 December 2013
TIME: 2013 Gadget of the Year- Google Chromecast 03 December 2013
Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.0 Specification for Computer Vision Acceleration 19 November 2013
Khronos Finalizes OpenCL 2.0 Specification for Heterogeneous Computing 18 November 2013
Vivante Vega IP Enables Full GPU Hardware Virtualization on Mobile and Home Entertainment Devices 06 November 2013
Synopsys: Design & Reuse to Host TLMCentral Web Portal 06 November 2013
Fudzilla: Vivante GC7000 comes in 2014 05 November 2013
CNET: Samsung Tab 3 Kids Available November 10 03 November 2013
Vivante Corporation Joins the drawElements Quality Program 01 November 2013
Vivante Selects Solution57 as a Platinum Technology Partner to Enhance IoT and Embedded Ecosystem Support 29 October 2013
Hot Hardware: Vivante Challenging the Status Quo in Mobile GPUs 10 October 2013
ESD Magazine: GPUs - the next must-have 10 October 2013
Wearable Tech World: Vivante Tackles Wearable Tech with New GPU Core Release 08 October 2013
Vivante Unveils Less than 1 mm2 OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU for Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) Devices 07 October 2013
Fudzilla: Mobile GPU Share...Biggest Winner is Vivante 27 September 2013
Jon Peddie Research: Astounding Growth for Vivante 25 September 2013
Tom's Hardware: Vivante Ups Mobile GPU Ante With Vega 20 September 2013
Xbit Labs: Vivante Unveils Vega GPU IP with OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL and DirectX Support 17 September 2013
Vivante Intros Vega GPUs to Maximize OpenGL ES 3.0 Performance in Mass Market Android and Chrome Devices with Screens of Any Size 12 September 2013
SemiAccurate: Vivante has a high precision mobile GPU 05 September 2013
Silicon Studio Partners With Vivante 03 September 2013
Vivante Continues Mass Market Momentum with the Marvell ARMADA 1500-mini Design Win 27 August 2013
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.0 22 July 2013
Trusight Partners with Vivante to Deliver Streamlined OpenCL™ and OpenGL® ES 3.0 Image Processing Solutions 11 July 2013
Vivante Expands Presence in Korean CE Market 17 June 2013
HSA Foundation Announces First Specification 29 May 2013
Vivante GC1000 Powers the Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, raising the bar for performance in mass market devices 23 May 2013
Vivante Showcases Low Power GPU Solutions Shipping in 100M+ Devices at Multicore Developers Conference 20 May 2013
Google TV Devices with Vivante GPU Cores Ready for Android Jelly Bean Update 17 May 2013
Vivante Demonstrates The First OpenGL ES 3.0 Production Silicon to Successfully Run Rightware Basemark ES 3.0 Benchmark 30 April 2013
Vivante Gets Top Score in YOUi Labs Graphics Quality Tests for Rendering Accuracy 17 April 2013
Vivante® Joins GENIVI® Alliance Bringing OpenGL® ES 3.0 and OpenCL™ to Automotive Platforms 08 January 2013
Vivante Shipping World’s Smallest and Lowest Power OpenGL® ES 3.0 IP Core. 18 December 2012
Vivante Goes Mainstream with OpenCL™ Computer Vision Products for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Applications 12 December 2012
Khronos Releases Significant OpenCL 1.2 Specification Update. 30 November 2012
Atrenta and TSMC Announce SpyGlass® IP Kit 2.0 Availability. 31 October 2012
HSA Foundation Announces Six New Members. 31 August 2012
Vivante Joins Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation to Transform Next Generation Mobile and Embedded Hybrid Compute Platforms. 20 August 2012
Vivante Shipping GPU Cores Designed to Support the Latest OpenGL ES 3.0 Specification. 07 August 2012
Rightware Collaborates with Freescale and Vivante to Enable Highly Advanced Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment and Instrument Cluster Systems. 20 June 2012
Vivante Leads Mobile GPGPU Revolution Becoming First GPU IP Supplier to Pass OpenCL(TM) 1.1 Conformance Test. 29 May 2012
HiSilicon Extends Multi-License Deal with Vivante for Graphics IP. 15 May 2012
Ingenic Semiconductor and Vivante Expand GPU Technology Partnership for Next Generation Mobile Products. 24 April 2012
Vivante and Cadence Unveil Mass Market GPU-Optimized DDR Memory Solution. 14 March 2012
Vivante GPU Powers Leading Smart TV Platforms. 11 January 2012
Vivante Records Explosive Growth with Worldwide Product Shipments Including the Majority of China Mobile’s TD Smartphones. 21 December 2011
Vivante announces extension of GPU IP Licensing Agreement with Freescale For High Performance Multi-Core Graphics. 01 December 2011
Nufront Licenses Vivante Corporation’s Dynamic GUI Composition Engine. 01 September 2011
Vivante GPU Core Brings Android 3.0 Honeycomb Support to Ingenic’s Latest JZ4770 Application Processor. 13 June 2011
Vivante Corporation Dynamic GUI Composition Engine Lowers GPU Power Consumption Up To 5X. 10 June 2011
Vivante GPU IP Cores Power the Latest Freescale i.MX 6 Series of Application Processors. 26 April 2011
Vivante Opens Second R&D Facility in China. 04 January 2011
Vivante Momentum Continues in the GPU Market with 40 Licensees. 29 December 2010
2010 Khronos DevU conference in Beijing. 18 December 2010
Vivante Multicore GPU IP Solutions Extend Performance Leadership. 16 December 2010
Vivante and Animated Media Partner to Offer Embedded Flash Solutions Optimized for Vivante OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Processors. 20 January 2010
Vivante GPUs Power Marvell ARMADA Application Processors. 27 October 2009
Arkmicro Technologies Selects Vivante GPU for Mobile Navigation 12 October 2009
Vivante Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Technology Selected by Cavium Networks. 22 September 2009
Vivante and Intelligraphics Partner to Deliver Safety Critical Embedded Graphics. 18 August 2009
Chinese Academy of Sciences Selects Vivante as GPU Partner for Netbooks 29 June 2009
Vivante Corporation Signs 15th GPU Licensee 08 June 2009
CYIT Selects Vivante to Meet the GPU Needs of TD-SCDMA Wireless Devices 01 June 2009
Vivante GPU IP Chosen By Leading Mobile Multimedia SoC Provider 22 May 2009
Chipsbank Selects Vivante GPU IP for Consumer Electronics. 11 May 2009
Vivante GPU IP Selected for MPRC SoC Solution Designed for 3C Convergence Computing Platform. 27 April 2009
Shanghai InfoTM Micro-electronics Expands SoC Platform with Vivante GPU IP for Mobile Gaming. 21 April 2009
Vivante GPU IP Selected for C2 Microsystems' Jazz-Based Media Processor SoC. 13 April 2009
Vivante Extends Business Agreement with Top Ten Fabless Semiconductor Company. 02 October 2008
Vivante’s OpenGL® ES 2.0 Conformance Submission First to Support Depth Texture Extension 28 July 2008
Vivante Brings GPU IP Solutions to MIPS® Alliance Program. 30 June 2008
Global Unichip Selects Vivante Graphics Solutions for Mobile System On Chip. 13 November 2007
Vivante Corporation Joins Futuremark's 3DMark and Handheld Benchmark Development Programs. 06 August 2007