HiSilicon Extends Multi-License Deal with Vivante for Graphics IP.

  Vivante's scalable graphics and compute solutions to continue powering HiSilicon products


Sunnyvale, CA – May 15th, 2012 – Vivante Corporation, a leading supplier of graphics and visualization technologies for mobile and consumer entertainment applications, announced today that HiSilicon, a leading supplier of SoC and ASIC solutions for mobile, communication networks and digital media, has expanded its ongoing technology partnership to include additional GC (Graphics and Compute) cores. HiSilicon will continue to integrate these key pieces of visual computing IP into SoC products for mobile and consumer products.

Access to the latest Vivante IP cores, give HiSilicon an innovative technology platform based on the latest 3D, CGPU (Composition GPU) and GPGPU APIs. The latest agreement enables HiSilicon to deliver the highest graphics performance in products spanning its entire portfolio.


About Vivante GC Cores

Vivante GPUs feature the ScalarMorphic(TM) unified shader architecture that increases performance for best-in-class, multi-threaded applications that can dynamically balance workloads. Using a cutting edge GPU architecture, advanced unified graphics shaders, and extreme low power methodologies, GC cores continue to be rated as the industry’s performance, area, and low power leader. GC cores also support the latest graphics and compute APIs from Khronos, Microsoft and Google. With a fast expanding ecosystem and volume shipments as the 2nd largest GPU IP vendor, Vivante is gaining incredible momentum throughout the developer community for its products.

About HiSilicon

HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004. With headquarters in Shenzhen of China, HiSilicon has set up design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley (USA) and Sweden. HiSilicon provides ASICs and solutions for communication network and digital media. These ASICs are widely used in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the digital media field, HiSilicon has already released the SoC and solution for network surveillance, DVB and IPTV. After years' accumulation, HiSilicon has mastered the leading IC design and test technologies, constructed the advanced EDA design platform, as well as R&D flow and regulations. Moreover, HiSilicon possesses the IPRs of more than 100 types of self-developed chips, at the same time owns over 500 patents. HiSilicon has kept excellent strategic cooperation with partners from USA, Japan, Europe and China, thus maintain a complete and stable network covering wafer production, encapsulation and test. Meeting customers' demands are driving force for HiSilicon. The company always aims to provide high quality chip solutions with good services and quick response to customers' request. HiSilicon Technologies will persist in value creation for customers continuously. For more information go to www.HiSilicon.com

About Vivante Corporation

Vivante, a leader in multimedia IP solutions, provides the highest performance and lowest power characteristics across a range of Khronos Group API conformant GPU products based on the Scalarmorphic architecture. Vivante GPUs are integrated into customer silicon solutions across a range of consumer electronics platforms running thousands of graphics applications. Vivante is a privately held company incorporated in California headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, with an R&D center in Shanghai, China.
For more information, visit http://www.vivantecorp.com.