Vivante Multicore GPU IP Solutions Extend Performance Leadership.

Ultra-Low Power Multicore GPUs Reach Over 1 GHz in Silicon Product Implementations


SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 16, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vivante Corporation, a leading provider of consumer multimedia and computing IP, today announces an important milestone for its Scalarmorphic architecture with Vivante licensees' multicore silicon implementations reaching over 1 GHz in silicon. Vivante has been licensing multicore versions of its industry-leading GC series architecture during the past fourteen months with the initial customer SoC implementations sampling today. The Sunnyvale-based company's latest multicore GPUs have been proven in multiple tier-one SoC vendors' products which will drive next generation game consoles, tablets, smartphones, automotive displays and home entertainment applications.

Vivante's multicore GPUs are ultra-threaded extensions of the product proven single core GC series architecture first launched in 2007. These product-proven multicore GPUs are capable of delivering well over 200M triangles per second on industry standard GPU benchmark polygon throughput feature tests in currently licensed customer configurations. Vivante's multicore GC-series are complete GPU solutions for the most demanding graphics applications with conformant hardware and driver support for a wide range of industry standard graphics APIs including Khronos Group conformant OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1, OpenVG 1.1, OpenGL 3.0/2.1, as well as Microsoft certified DirectX 11 feature level 9_3, Direct2D and DirectFB 1.4. Vivante GPUs are designed to enable robust support for the next generation general purpose computing applications in the GPU pipeline (GP-GPU).

"The Vivante GC-series architecture is designed from the ground up to deliver breakthrough performance levels in power constrained applications," said Wei-Jin Dai, President and CEO of Vivante. "Our leading edge customers demand the highest GPU performance on demanding consumer applications as well as leadership in performance and quality on industry standard graphics benchmarks. Our multicore GPUs deliver the ultimate graphics performance well within the typical power budget of a few hundred milliwatts with the GPU running complex applications at maximum speed."

About Vivante GC-Series Products

The Vivante GC-series GPU product family currently licensed to over 40 SoC companies consists of twelve turnkey GPU IP solutions ranging from the best in class GC400 to GC800 single core GPUs, to the ultra-high performance multicore GC1000 to GC4000. Vivante multicore GPUs offer performance up to 10 times Vivante's industry leading GC800 single core GPU. Multicore GPUs are available in configurations with up to 64 compute elements in 2 to 8 pipelines. Vivante also licenses the GC350 fixed function OpenVG 1.1 compliant GPU, as well as the industry standard GC300 programmable Composition Engine GPU. All Vivante GPUs ship with the same consumer product proven unified software stack with a selection of available embedded and desktop APIs and operating system support running on all major CPUs.

About Vivante Corporation

Vivante Corporation is an embedded graphics technology leader, licensing its HD Visual Reality and Mobile Visual Reality IP to semiconductor solution providers serving consumer markets from mobile devices to high definition home entertainment.  The Vivante ScalarMorphicTM architecture brings to embedded systems PC-quality visuals, smallest area, and highest performance per square millimeter compared to other licensable GPU cores.  Vivante delivers silicon proven, industry leading graphics conformant with the OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1 and OpenVG API standards.  The Vivante development environment is used by a worldwide network of application developers and ecosystem partners.  Vivante is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with an R&D center in Shanghai, China.