Vivante Showcases Low Power GPU Solutions Shipping in 100M+ Devices at Multicore Developers Conference

Sunnyvale, CA – May 21, 2013 – Vivante Corporation today announced its participation in the Multicore Developers Conference in Santa Clara, CA where it is showcasing its smaller, faster, cooler GC (Graphics and Compute) series IP graphics cores. Found in many of today’s smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and embedded devices, the GC family is designed from the ground up to accelerate mobile and embedded products, including scalable multi-core, heterogeneous architectures found in the upcoming generation of automotive, military, and medical platforms.

The company will demonstrate a variety of devices highlighting the GC cores’ mobile market leading visual quality and HiP (high precision) rendering accuracy at the show, including HDR 3D games and the latest YOUi Labs image quality test suite. YOUi Labs, an independent third party visual quality testing company, recently named Vivante a front runner in bringing accurate GPU rendering to mass market consumer devices*. Vivante products and the YOUi Labs image quality test suite can be experienced in booth S-3 in the Santa Clara Ballroom.

“Vivante IP cores are deployed in more than 100 million devices and counting, including six of the world’s top ten** mobile phone vendors,” said Wei-Jin Dai, President and CEO of Vivante. “With a growing ecosystem and product portfolio that covers the entire range of licensable GPU, GPGPU, and CPC cores, Vivante has rapidly grown its IP licensing business to become a trusted tier one GPU supplier based on our core philosophy of smaller, faster, cooler.

Supporting the latest versions of Android, Linux, QNX, and Microsoft Windows, Vivante’s product portfolio includes performance leading technologies in 3D, 2D/Composition Processors, GPGPU, and vector graphics. Vivante cores use a unified driver architecture compatible with industry-standard application programming interfaces like OpenGL® ES 3.0/2.0, desktop OpenGL®, OpenCL®, OpenVG®, Microsoft® DirectX®, Google Renderscript™ Compute / Filterscript, and other standard APIs.

Robust features built into the GPU cores include:

  • World’s Smallest Licensable GPU Core designed for OpenGL ES 3.0: 3.5 mm2 total silicon footprint (including memories) in TSMC 40nm LP process for area sensitive designs that do not sacrifice on features or performance. Cores can be optionally configured with an integrated Composition Processing Core (CPC) which seamlessly accelerates OS level composition tasks at a fraction of the power with only a 10% GPU silicon area increase.
  • Single/Dual/Quad/Eight GPU Clusters: ScalarMorphic cores scale from highly silicon optimized single GPU cores to performance optimized multi-GPU clusters, all with best-in-class performance and available hardware support for security and OS virtualization.
  • Single Software Stack: Single unified software stack supports all Vivante cores across the full range of graphics and compute APIs, features, and performance levels.
  • Battery Saving Innovations: Extreme low power microarchitecture and smart grid technologies for leading mW per MHz/GHz and dynamic power control.
  • Memory Efficient: Memory bandwidth modulation optimized for contemporary vertex intensive applications and pixel rich displays including support for the latest compression standards in OpenGL ES 3.0 and optionally the recently announced Khronos ASTC™ – Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression extension
  • Heterogeneous Platform Architecture: GC cores designed for hybrid computing systems like HSA using AMBA® ACE-Lite™ (CPU – GPU cache coherency) and the latest Stream Interface for FPGA and Compute Fabrics

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About Vivante Corporation

Smaller – Faster – Cooler: Vivante Corporation, a leader in multi-core OpenGL® ES GPU, OpenCL™, CPC Composition Engine and Vector Graphics IP solutions, provides the highest performance and lowest power characteristics across a range of Khronos™ Group API conformant standards based on the ScalarMorphic™ architecture. Vivante GPUs are integrated into customer silicon solutions in mass market products including smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, consumer electronics and embedded devices, running thousands of graphics applications across multiple operating systems and software platforms. Vivante is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with additional R&D centers in Shanghai and Chengdu.


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*Read more about YOUi Labs testing at

**Gartner Q1-2013 Worldwide mobile phone sales