Hot Hardware: Vivante Challenging the Status Quo in Mobile GPUs

Link to Hot Hardware article by Joel Hruska


Over the past few years, a handful of mobile graphics companies have emerged as key pillars of the industry...But now, there's a kid on the block -- a company with a tiny, highly customized GPU, a number of recent design wins, and a strong product portfolio.


A nifty new GPU core isn't worth much if you don't have vendors shipping your technology , but Vivante has made notable strides in the past year. The company's GC1000 GPU powers Google's Chromecast, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and the 2D section of Texas Instrument's OMAP 4470 SoC. The company has also been picking up major market share in China, and with new wins in chips fromm Marvell, Freescale, Action Semiconductor, Ingenic, Rockchip, and even China's homegrown Godson-2H processor.