CNET: Samsung Tab 3 Kids Available November 10

Link to CNET article by Scott Webster


The 7-inch Android powered tablet is a brightly colored, youthful spin on the current generation of Samsung Galaxy Tabs.


Hardware specifications are identical to the standard Galaxy Tab 3. Where things differ, however, are in the color and software features that come preinstalled on the Kids edition.


Kids Mode, for instance, provides an entirely different user interface and boasts apps and games for both entertainment and education. Titles include classics such as Fruit Ninja, Where's My Perry?, and Kids Planet Discovery.


Parental controls ensure that kids don't accidentally rack up Google Play charges or stumble upon the wrong Web site. What's more, the timer lets parents manage just how long Junior gets to spend on the tablet in one sitting.


Adults and older kids who want to use the Tab 3 can also switch back to the standard Android mode.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will retail for $229.99 when it arrives on November 10; pre-orders begin November 1.