What do fancy animated UIs, graphics accelerated web browsing, heart-pounding game play, video chatting on Skype™ while cherishing precious moments with Facebook™ friends, or watching the latest Hollywood movie streamed directly to your TV all have in common? The answer – all rely on fast composition processing at the heart of the user experience to create long lasting memories.

Composition is the latest user interface rendering technology that merges all the visual content created by the operating system and applications into a final image displayed onscreen. The visual content is any combination of icons, taskbars, background desktop, overlayed HD videos, pictures, or 3D game rendered by the GPU. The faster and smoother the composition processing, the more responsive and alive a device becomes. The Composition Processing Core does the heavy lifting to eliminate transitional lags, bring “butter smooth” scrolling, and provide instantaneous content updates to all windows or tiles on the device screen.

The CPC takes all display surfaces and performs functions like blending, filtering, rotation, overlay, resizing, transparency, and other dynamic effects. A designer can use the vast numbers of functions in the CPC to design elaborate desktops, fancy UIs, and creative multi-layered windowing systems. The CPC also accelerates 2D graphics functions to offload the CPU and GPU for additional power savings while displaying 2D content. Vivante offers a complete line of CPC IP cores that scale from QVGA screens on washing machines to the latest 4Kx2K and 8Kx8K TVs at the high end of the home entertainment experience. The technology also works with different stereoscopic 3D technologies, screen types, sizes, and resolutions.

Additionally, select Vivante 3D cores incorporate a Compostion/2D engine, providing a single core solution for ecosystems that are area sensitive. Refer to the 3D product table for details on those cores.

Vivante Current Composition Cores

 Composition Processing Cores
Clock Speed (MHz) 350 – 500 350 – 500 350 – 500 350 – 500
Pixel Rate (pixels/sec) 350M – 500M 350M – 500M 700M – 1000M 1400M – 2000M
Single Pass Composition Blending 8 8 8 16
Resolution Support WVGA 1080p 2560x1600 4K2K
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Composition Functions:

  • Alpha Blending
  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Mirror
  • Transparency
  • Overlay
  • Dynamic UI

Additional 2D Functions:

  • Bit Blit
  • Filter Blit
  • Stretch Blit
  • 32k x32k raster coordinate system
  • Programmable Ops
  • Line draw
  • Rectangle Fill
  • Rectangle Clear
  • 9-Tap, Multi-phase Filtering

Source Formats:

  • RGB/YUV source data formats
  • Color space conversion

Also supported:

  • Swizzles for RGB source formats,
  • For YUV formats, U/V swap formats.

2D API Support:

  • Android HWC
  • DirectFB 1.7
  • DirectDraw/GDI/2D
  • BLTSVille

Platform Support:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • Wayland
  • VxWorks and more